Sunday, March 2, 2008

end of the weekend

I did the StoryTellers thing at Vineyard Friday night. Debbie originally wanted me to play with Brook and Dan but things just didn't pan out. I ended up on stage alone that night. It was a very small audience and most of the faces were new to me. I had a very nice time never the less. I got to sing oodles of songs and talk about them, answer questions and cut up. It was a very pleasant night. I enjoyed the evening, the intimacy.

The family didn't leave the house Saturday. We crashed most of the weekend. Gina has been getting up earlier in the morning so she can see a patient very early in the morning this past week. My mother has been kind enough to let us borrow her car on and off during the week while our vintage VW is getting worked on. The mechanic has had the car for a week. Maybe he can get it going sometime this week.

Brook, Liz and I led worship this morning. We were the only worship team members. Brook had been sick during the previous week but God gave him grace today. Both of our persistent coughs faded by the time worship rolled around. I had it on my heart to interject a Larry Norman song during worship today...right after singing the lines from Third Day's You Are Beautiful My Sweet Sweet Song - I went into Sweet Sweet Song of Salvation.

I usually spend Sunday afternoons washing and folding clothes but not today. My dryer broke down late Saturday evening. I've got a huge pile of clothes and hope that I've got enough clothes for the next couple of days. I also think my water heater is dying. It's making terrible noises that you can hear through out the house (bangs and pops). I am afraid I'll be having to replace it soon too. It's still heating water, so far so good. I've got a lot of machines down for the count these days.

Next week I'll be singing at the Coffee Vine Cafe' again. Those weekends are always the highlight of my months. I love the people there and jam sessions. Gina and the girls look forward to going too! I'll order me a cherry Pepsi and one of Brandon's great sammiches and sing sing sing. I am going to be joined Saturday night by musicians from Mercy Hill. I can't wait to get this coming week behind me.
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