Sunday, February 10, 2008

what a weekend

Bridge Between Live @ MoonSong
Hard week but what a nice weekend!

Johnny Adams of Bridge Between asked me to meet them up at Danny Moon's MoonSong to play some tunes. Gina and I packed the girls and guitar in the car and we drove atop Noccalula Mountain. Danny did a splendid job with the place. It's a venue for singer / songwriters. The Bridge Between cranked up and went into worship. Everyone seemed very receptive to what they had to say and sing. It was a great deal of fun. I was asked to take the stage after they stepped off. Johnny joined me on accoustic and I really enjoy his style. I felt like I walked away with some new friends. Go check out MoonSong when you get a chance.

Gina said the girls were tired and so we left after a few hours at MoonSong. While on Rainbow Drive, Gina said that she wanted to drop by the Coffee Vine Cafe' to say hi to Dr. Harrison...his band was scheduled to play Friday and Saturday evening. As it turned out, The Dixon Band had to cancel because of illness. Gina asked me if I'd go in there and play a few songs. I didn't have a P.A. but my guitar was in the back of the Caravan. I took the stage and four or five songs with Rachael. We were all pretty tired and didn't stay long. Mychael John Thomas was there with a friend offered to come and play Saturday night. Cool beans!

Mychael and I go back to Christian Brother's SKYLIGHT days. He was a regular talent that we would book at our old coffeehouse. Gina and I tried to get the word out Saturday afternoon about the event. It was a nice turn out and Mychael did a great job. He sang songs from his brand new albums WORSHIP and HOME. He mentioned that he'd like to come back and play. I hope he does. I hope those that didn't make it tonight will catch him at a later date. By the way, you can sample some of Mychael's music at Good stuff.

Sunday we are going to roll out of bed and make our way down to Vineyard. Scott Parker will be leading worship again. AJ said that he is going to be on the team. Scott will be playing at next week's AROMA FRIDAY. Our first Aroma was last month and it was really nice. I look forward to seeing what happens next weekend.

By the way, keep us in your prayers...nothing life shattering here but prayer would be nice. Gina's been having trouble with her foot again. She hobbled around on crutches during much of last week. Pray for complete healing. We don't have the money to replace the van that died on us last month. We pour every resource into our business and little to spare. Life is good though. I thank God for my family, getting to spend my days working with Gina...treasuring every little hug and kiss I get from my girls. God's doing stuff in and around our lives...I am not a rich man...but I have a great deal of wealth that has nothing to do with bank accounts. Life is hard but life is so sweet. Thank you Lord for all of your blessing!
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