Thursday, February 7, 2008

Shipmate on USS LST312

I got an email from a son of a sailor who also served on LST 312. I am going to relay this information to uncle Pat within the next few days. Maybe Mr. Sant's name and face will ring more than a bell to Pat - we'll see. I thought maybe some of the rest of the family might be interested in this contact. I was hoping that by posting genealogy findings and family stories at this blog that I'd generate discussion as well as establish related contacts. It's nice that it's working already. Scot Van Sant's message is as follows:

My father was the late Claude Victor Van Sant, Jr. he served aboard LST 620 6/2/44 to 1/12/45 after D-Day. He was an Engineering Officer, Ensign and later promoted to Lt (jg). I assume after D-Day 620 sailed back to the states in the Fall?

Then he served on LST 312 1/13/45 to 5/15/46 after D-Day in US. I assume the time he served on 312 was in the states to repair the damage after the V-1 rocket hit. He never went to the Pacific. At home we have photos of 312 damage and a photo of my Dad landing a dolphin fish (mahi mahi) off the stern of one of the LST's. If it is a mahi mahi then he would have been in the Gulf stream off the US.
Questions..did he go across the ATL on 620..when & what route?
Did he return to states on 620 & what route?
My brother recalls a story about a plane crashing on the deck of an LST? Is this true?
Any information would be great concerning events and history of 620 in Europe and in the states and 312 also.

Claude Victor Van Sant

Jr. Emory University, Atlanta, GA AB Biology 1943
USN Engineering Officer. AS. Mid'n., Ens., Lt. (jg) 1943-1946
Service Schools #53 Navy Reserve Mid'n Col Univ
16 wks#20 Amphib Warfare, C. Brad.
8 wksA31 Diesel Engineering, Flint Mich
12 wksA72 Amphib Engine NC St.
6 wks Entry Date Enlisted 8 Dec 1942
Date commissioned 24 Nov 1943 Active Duty 2 Aug 1945
Served on USS LST 620
6/2/44 to 1/12/45 during & after D-DayServed on LST 312 1/13/45 to 5/15/46
after D-Day in US.
(7/18/44 LST 312 was hit by V-1 Rocket at port in
Date of Separation USN 18 Jun 1946
Issued American Campaign Medal
European African Middle Eastern Campaign Medal 1 star
World War II Victory Medal
Appt in Naval Reserve Ensign, HP 17 Mar 1949
Honorable Discharge 1 May 1949
as Lt jg USN Reserve
Honorable Discharge from USN Reserve 23 Nov 1957
University School of Medicine Augusta, GA. M.D 1950
MD 1950 Licenses to Georgia and Florida
Internship- Charity Memorial Hospital, New Orleans, LA July 1950- July 1951. Ob-Gyn/Residence.
Member Phi Chi Medical Society.
James Downey's tale of a radio operator on 620:
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