Friday, February 1, 2008

life on myspace

Earlier this week, we launched a new myspace for the Coffee Vine Cafe at We created it so that we could post the up and coming events. Though the site is named Aroma Fridays, it's going to encompass all up and coming events at the coffee shop.I am going to be singing there both tonight and Saturday night. As I've mentioned time and again, I look forward to playing with my friends. Gina won't be playing tonight because Kelsey is sick.

Mychael John Thomas called earlier today and said that he was coming. Mychael has a new worship CD out and was bringing me a copy. He emailed me some cuts a few weeks ago and they are great. Mychael used to be a regular artist back during the Christian Brother's coffeehouse days. BTW, Mychael used to play in a band with Don Rakestraw many many decades ago - back when the world was young.

News: Kelsey has had a terrible week. She started off by locking herself in G-mommy's bathroom, where she had to stay for an hour until I could get there and get her out. For a minute there, Jose' thought he was going to have to do some sawing. Kelsey had settled down enough so that I could tell her how to open the old deadbolt lock that was imprisoning her.

I went to see the new Rambo movie with Jose' Wednesday evening. When I got back, Gina was a nervous wreck. She said that Kelsey had wrapped two yo-yo's around her neck and couldn't breath. Gina had a hard time cutting the strings so Kelsey could grow up to see her adulthood. Gina was a nervous wreck the following day because of it.

Be praying for Gina's foot, it's hurting her again. She's been wrapping it daily and using a tens unit between patients. Both Gina and Kelsey have not had a very good week.

Do come out to the vine if you can. Say Michael, do you have a bass? If so, how about coming and playing with me (one or both nights). Jose' said he might try to make it.

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