Tuesday, February 26, 2008

i just realized something

i just realized last night
that i am no longer a republican
no longer a republican
i am not a democrat
or a pot smoking libertarian
i am just not a republican anymore
like reagan once said
i didn't leave the democrat party
the democrat party left me
the republican party left me
countless times in fact
i got stood up so many times that i finally got the message
what happened you might ask
i received a letter yesterday from the annual republican campaign
they wanted money
they know how to quote reagan alright
but republicans these days
the ones in office
the ones seeking office
have become soft and moderate
they don't hold to their core values
they cut and run when it comes to an ideological fight
they want to get along
they don't want to stand up
they'd rather bend over and hold their ankles
just to keep their comfortable spot
the republican candidate today desires good press
to keep his or her job rather than do what is right
fight the good fight
reading the gift drive letter irked me
the writer spoke of how we lost the majority in both houses
who's fault was that
republicans who left conservatism behind them
they lost the majority because they refused to lead
and spend spend spend
just let the aliens in
you're not getting my money
and i'll probably throw away my vote
maybe a write-in
for a real conservative
which is what i am
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