Thursday, February 21, 2008

B-24 Liberator

It was four years ago after being inspired by John Eldredge's Wild At Heart, I had asked God to tell me what he thought of me and if he had a name for me. In a nutshell, in the book, John Eldredge wrote about how God has a name for each of us. Immediately after reading this chapter I asked God expecting an answer in time. He didn’t wait. God immediately came back with the name Liberator. He said "Liberator David - you are my Liberator". I was driving to the grocery store at the time and wept all the way there. He had been showing this to me prior in other ways but I just didn’t expect Him to just come out and tap me like that.

I mentioned this in a blog about two years ago. My new name has been on my heart ever since. Last Sunday during the Gadsden Vineyard worship kinship, I left the meeting for a few minutes to use the head. While I was away, God once again repeated my new name to me. God had been giving me little visuals for the kinship but that little whisper was for me. When I came back to the room Gina was looking at me funny. I sat down next to her and she asked me what was wrong. I whispered, "nothing wrong - I'll tell you later."

I had mentioned the B-24 Liberator thing to Gina years ago but it didn't really connect with her. Last night, as we drove away from the church, I told Gina what had happened and she teared up. She understood that the Liberator was in flight.

Brook had mentioned a few years ago that B-24 might be God telling me to BE 24. That would take me back to 1982. The incident Sunday has stirred my mind to keep looking back on who I was, where I was, and what was going on in my life during that particular time. I used events of popular culture to take me back:
(1) I was still at home on the Mountain - 2624 Scenic Hwy.
(2) I was hauling furniture for Long Furniture with my friend Derrick Mitchell.
(3) I spent a lot of my spare time with my brother inlaw and dear friend Dan Noojin.
(4) I spent a lot of weekends with Arnie Sanford who was at that time still able to play guitar in the evenings. He had M.S. and evenings were the only times that his nerves/muscles were steady enough to play. He didn't want me coming for a visit unless I brought my songbook.
(5) I was playing at small venues/churches as DREAMER with Michael Bynum.
(6) I was disassociated with Christian Brothers Assoc. at the time.
(7) I believe that I was still a member of Central United Methodist Church. I didn't attend anywhere regularly.

My favorite comedian John Belushi died in March of that year. I had an sad dream of him that following night...where I talked to him after he had died. Strange dream - we sat on the hill behind my house and talked.

My favorite Christian singer/songwriter, Keith Green died that year. Dad, Mom and I were on our way back from Townsend, TN. I remember having to deal with the traffic of the 1982 World's Fair on the way there and back. We were on the last leg of the trip when we heard of Keith's death.

It's amazing what you can remember if prompted by events. More digging...more to come.
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