Wednesday, January 16, 2008

this friday night

As I've mentioned in earlier posts, every time I play at The Coffee Vine Cafe', something unique happens. Basically what happens is that the music usually turns to worship and God shows up (Psalms 22:3). I have not been attempting to turn this coffeehouse venue into a church service or to lead patrons into worship but merely worship with the band on stage. I can't describe it exactly, but His presence is there and people are drawn to it like an aroma.

There's been a demand for more nights like this and I personally can't do it every weekend. What A.J. and I are going to do is present Aroma Fridays every third Friday night of the month. We are going to use Vineyard teams to start...until we get a handle on things. In the future we will invite different worship bands from area churchs to come and worship on stage. This Friday (18th) Brook Finlayson will be taking the stage with Liz Wood and West Finlayson. Do keep this in your prayers and plan on attending if you can.
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