Wednesday, January 30, 2008

red guitar

This photo of Kelsey was taken last Sunday after church. I had been on Bruce Cornutt's worship team that day. Kelsey enjoyed it so much that she came right home and started strumming on the little red guitar she got for Christmas. I noticed Kelsey several times at the foot of the stage during warm-up, looking up at me smiling and dancing.
Worship has been increasingly good at the Gadsden Vineyard as of late. Scott Parker's team played the Sunday before last. My mother told me that the week before went well as well. All kinds of ministry has been taking place as of late. I can't describe it other than saying God has been showing up. Maybe we are experiencing a new work in 2008. I may be wrong but here's what's been running through my head the past few weeks: Maybe God's freeing us up of our personal baggage so that we can better serve Him and pour attention onto other's needs. We don't need to be so self consumed with our own wounds. I can sense stuff popping and breaking during these past two services. God is on the move. Like the song says - we need to STAND BACK.
Usually, being on worship teams, we show up around 9:00 am and plug in. Bruce had a stack of songs to sift through. During this time, there are songs that go to the floor and songs that stay on the music stand. The songs that stay on the stand are the ones that usually seem to just come together - when all the sounds roll into a unified synch.

Everything was hot during warm up and simply poured into the morning service. Worship teams used to have practice but we quit that a long time ago. It's not practice or rehearsal to me - there's no going over songs to in order to get them sounding right. The song line-up is solidified during this time and it's all worship. I love being on worship teams with my friends because it's all worship to me, we just get started worshipping a little earlier.

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