Thursday, January 10, 2008

Isabel Finlayson Bridgers

Genealogy is like falling down the family tree, you never know what branch you are going to hit during your quest. I haven't had much luck at finding someone that I've specifically look for but rather discover kin in my perifrial vision. It's like Forrest Gumps box of chocolates...

Isabel is the daughter of Daniel and Charity Finlayson, my great-great grandparents - so that makes Isabel my great-grand aunt (Murdoch Uriah's youngest sister among a family of six children). Not too long ago I met a fellow time traveler on-line who is a distant cousin. His name is Lewis Caroll. He is a descendant of John Crawford Bridgers and Isabel Finlayson Bridgers. Pretty neat huh? Lewis emailed me some interesting photos back during the Summer. Here goes:


Well, I have some great news! I have finally found my family's stash of old photographs! I am on my way out the door, but I wanted to get these to you!
Liza Bridgers McCullen and family. She is the one holding the baby. Her husband George is next to her. My great-grandmother Dora is standing behind/between them. The baby and three boys are Dora's siblings. The older woman is George's mother.

Tintypes of Liza and her husband...1880's.

Liza is the daughter of Isabella Finlayson Bridgers. You are an actual Finlayson...does she have any Finlayson looks?

More to come...I am interested in your response!

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