Monday, January 21, 2008

good bye old van

she was a good helper
i never knew her in the day
when she was new
without a scratch
i bought her used
but in good shape
and kept her up the best i could
years of hauling
all over
in town and out
we went everywhere
we went far
can't help feeling the loss
she drove me
family and friends
up the mountain to the drive-in
she could pack many a folding chair
her bumper was nailed from behind
just last Summer on Katie's graduation day
i had to bungee and tape it
to keep in on
to keep her poor plastic bottom from dragging the road
there's dents and scratches all over her
i can't count
paint flaking
rust exposed
and yet
she kept going
but it was a short death
she didn't not go quietly
she screamed
and clanked
and finally
her last haul
bringing me and my little ones
safely home

so here i am
empty pockets
not knowing how i'm going to get along
without you
without my old van
goodbye old friend
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