Thursday, November 22, 2007

this is my dad

This is my favorite picture of my dad. I took this picture while the family sat around the table. There were some great shots on that roll. I just sat there and took pictures while everyone carried on -
a table full of Finlaysons, Noojins, Rakestraws and Elrods. It was always a very loud table when we got together...and we got together often in those days.

This is the only photo of my dad smiling the smile that I remember.

This was my father. I have lots of photos of him but this is the one that stands out. It captures his spirit. I've been thinking of my dad today. It's probably because the family is getting together tomorrow and he won't be there. It's been seventeen years and this picture is the only way I'll get to see his smile for a very long time. He never got to see my girls, never rode them on his lap. They never got to see that smile.
Dear God, thank you for all of my family. Thank you for Gina, Katie and Kelsey. Thank you for all my extended family and those loved ones that I call friends. I am a blessed man because of all the sweet people you've surrounded my life with. Thank you for this life.
P.S. Say hi to dad next time you see him.
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