Sunday, November 25, 2007

Saturday & Sunday

I made a big breakfast for the girls Saturday morning. They offered to help set up the P.A. at the cafe' in the morning. I've been setting up prior to the performance because it usually wipes me out to set up and then jump into singing. It was nice to have their help. We took off from the cafe' and I thought it would be nice if we could catch a movie. We watched B MOVIE and it was pretty good. I think the girls liked the nacho cheese more than the movie. We also shopped at Sears for Kelsey some pants. She's outgrown almost every pair in her closet. We were in two vehicles so I left them at there shopping after about an hour or so and headed over the the cafe' to hang for a while.

Saturday evening went well. Wes E. (my nephew) walked in to the cafe' with his acoustic and I plugged him in. Gina joined in with d'jembe. Foster (the artist formerly known as Emily, my niece) came in with her banjo and her song book. My mother and sisters showed up in the audience. We had a pretty good crowd considering it the big game night. Alas, Don and Brook didn't show but we still had a good time. I thought I saw my Dan and Florrie (my brother in-law and youngest sister) as the bar but they must not have stayed long.

Once I got started, I never got a chance to leave the stage. It seemed like every time I even thought of taking a break, someone with an instrument would join in. I met a new friend last night. A fellow by the name of Douglas A. sat up at a table with a big grin on his face as we sang. During a pause between the music, he asked if he could join in...he had his guitar in the car. We had a nice full sound coming from the stage last night. Douglas later told me that he knew Michael and Jim. He's a member of Mercy Hill and knew my pal Shane A. over there. It was nice making a friend and playing with him last night.

Tiffany H. appeared last night too. We invited her to play and she left to get her violin. Things took on another dynamic when she started. Really nice stuff. Gina had two d'jembes which allowed AJ join in. Rachael and Cherie have been singing with me for the past several months. It's always a treat to have them sing along with their intertwining angelic voices. It was so much fun. I can't wait to get hold of my Santa present so I can record these juicy moments.

Today, Sunday, I slept late. I was achy all over from the night before. Gina called me to breakfast (omelets, bacon, and toast) and I made it all disappear. Bad boy that I am, I went back to bed and rested my achy body between the warm flannel sheets. I can't express how good it felt. Gina let me sleep a few more hours. I then got up and started washing clothes, drug out the dreaded Christmas tree and lights. We all assembled it this time around and it didn't take as long as years before. The house was a mess and I've been cleaning and cleaning and cleaning.

My pal J. came over tonight. He was needed to print out some scripts. We are going to get together next weekend to pull together the CD tracks that I want to use for the PICKS project. He helped record My Desire last year...the track that's currently at my Myspace page. I like all the cuts I've chosen but have no clue as to the order as of yet. Maybe he can listen to these songs with fresh ears and give me some ideas.
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