Saturday, November 24, 2007

o boy

I know what I'm getting for Christmas. Santa was all this time because I haven't been a good boy in a long time. This here is a Zoom H2. It's got four built in mics and it's made for doing live recordings. It will also come in handy when I'm writing songs. Santa ordered a 4GB card for it so it will hold lots and lots of music. Hopefully, this will enable me to record all my stuff in the future. It's a little two track recorder to boot. I can record and then dump into studio software and sweeten all I want. How cool is that?
The girls (Gina, Katie & Kelsey) are getting ready to go out for the day. I am going to go down to the coffee shop and set up the equipment so I don't have to do everything tonight. Gina said she wanted to help. They'll head out shopping. Kelsey is in dire need of clothes...pants in particular.
Gina also wanted to put up the tree today. It's my least favorite holiday task, live or faux, I don't like putting up or trimming the tree. I am a dad so I put on my fake Chevy Chase smile and have it. "Come on kids...let's put up the Christmas Tree!" Time to pull out all the boxes filled with Christmas decorations. The tree always looks nice once we get it up and twinkling. The next thing to dread is when it's time to take it down...then on with the fake Chevy Chase smile again. "Come on kids...let's take down the old tree!"
It's been cold enough to start a fire in the fireplace. Jose' fixed me up with plenty of wood last year. I've still got a pile out there ready to light. I might fire one up this weekend, who knows.
Last night Katie and I sat up late and watched an old Jimmy Stewart movie called Pot Of Gold. It was a sappy movie but both Katie and I enjoyed it. I don't get TMC and I wish I did. I don't see anything on my Dish Network but Seinfeld and Frazier reruns. Let's not forget all those crappy reality shows. I went to Fred's Discount last week and found a DVD of three movies on one DVD for $5.00. Fred Astaire, Jimmy Stewart (Pot of God) , and Orson Wells (The Stranger). Anyway, Katie really enjoyed watching Jimmy. I need to show her Harvey (the one with the invisible Rabbit).
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