Sunday, November 4, 2007

cream chip beef gravy day

I reminded Gina of the time change last night. I asked her to please help me wake up (the alarm is on her side of the bed) a little earlier Sunday morning. Bruce had asked me to help him lead worship. Gina ended waking me up earlier than I wanted to. It doesn't take me two and a half hours to get dressed and get to church. It might take a woman that long but not me. I laid there for about fifteen minutes and then regretfully rolled out of bed. It only took me about thirty minutes to be out the door. I had decided to go sit down somewhere for a hot breakfast. I don't go to Ryan's that much anymore because they are so expensive. I had water with breakfast and still can't get over that it cost me nine buck to do so. Anyway, I had a good breakfast. They serve cream chip beef on toast and I don't know why I love that stuff. It's something that my mom used to make for us kids way back when and I rarely get it these days.

There are some foods that mom used to make that were simply heaven on earth:
Butter dips: Thin biscuits baked after dough is thoroughly dipped in melted butter.
Hot Browns: It's basically an open face turkey sandwich. You toast the bread, top with sliced turkey, two bacon strips, white grave, and then place in oven to melt the shredded melted cheese that you heaped on lastly. It's a recipe that Dad brought back from a business trip in which he stayed at The Brown hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. You can get hot browns all over Kentucky but everyone has their own version of it. Most offer brown gravy and a tomato slice on top...feh...I like my dad's version the best.
I don't know why cream chip beef makes my favorites list but it does.

I still had time before church so I stopped by the office and checked my email, Myspace, and BlogNet friends. I then drove over and met up with Brook F. (who was doing sound) and Bruce C. (who was leading worship). Jim H. came in shortly afterwards to man the drums and Lenola B. came in around 10:00 with her bass (she had to work). We had a great time. I have a worship song that I wrote about 12 years ago called COME HOLY SPIRIT. It's a song that I don't sing that much because it's not always easy for me to sing. Bruce had called Saturday and asked me to select two songs to sing. I selected two of mine. I had second thoughts that I might be choosing my songs for reasons for the wrong reason (the other song I took was YOU ARE MY GOD). Still though, I took two other worship songs that I did not write just in case. When I got to the church, Bruce asked me what two songs I brought and I showed him. He smiled and held up his lyric/tab sheet for COME HOLY SPIRIT. The song was on his heart too! I was immediatley assured that I was hearing right the night before. It was a great time of worship. It was great hearing the congregation singing. They caught onto the songs. I know it's probably better to lead with standards that people are familiar with. He's been wanting me to sing my songs and appreciated Him wanting me to do so this morning.

After church, Mikey and Rachael invited my family to eat lunch with them at Cracker Barrel. We had to wait almost an hour to get a table. The crowd was almost unbearable. I was surrounded my people-people-people and too many tacky loud Christmas novelty thingies. I really don't need to go to Cracker Barrel much if I want to enjoy the Christmas holidays. We finally got our table and we enjoyed each other's company. I don't get to talk to Mikey much.

We came home and I crashed on the couch for a little while. The house is a mess and I am afraid I won't be able to whip things into shape by next weekend. We are going to have Kelsey's party downstairs next Saturday afternoon. I am going to get the old Christian Brother's popcorn popper going and make a huge batch of chili. Anyone who wants to come by and wish my child a happy fifth and have a bowl of chili is more than welcome. By the way, I make go00od chili.

Today I finished up some staining that I started Saturday. I finished stripping my office window and was later able to stain it. I have my office door stained now but haven't varnished anything that I stained as of yet. I hope to get that done during the course of the week. Jose' said he was going to try to come over sometime Friday and help me finish up some trim work. Much of the office is down and I can't wait to finally move in. We'll see. Jose' has been so busy these days. I don't get to see him as often as I would like. It was nice having lunch with him Friday afternoon.

Mom is doing well. She's had a pretty rough time of it as of late. She had her gall bladder removed this week. She was up and around the next day. She asked if I would drive her around town so she could do some errands. It's nice that she's feeling better than she has been. I had my gall bladder removed about seven years ago. It was amazing how little stomachs I suffer from since I had the procedure. I had severe stomach aches over the course of thirty years...needless pain. There is a down side to having a gall bladder removed. I won't bother you with the details.

MUSIC: I will not be playing much during the course of the holidays. I will be leading worship with Brook and Tommy P. on the eighteenth (Vineyard). Richard M. asked that we do an acoustic set. November the 24th, I'll be at The Coffee Vine Cafe' with family and friends. I am skipping December because there is so much to do Christmas-wise. Donnette (Coffee Vine) has asked me to play set nights come the new year. I told her that I would be glad to play the first Friday and Saturday night of each month. So come January...first'll know where to find me.

God bless you all. I think I've rambled enough.
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