Monday, October 8, 2007

the weekend review

The I-20 shutdown really wasn't so bad. It was surreal though. Hundreds of cars, hundreds of people standing out on the highway with no where to go. We had conversations with all kinds of strangers. Fortunately the Georgia Welcome Center was a half mile up the road and people didn't have to pee in the woods...though some did.

I usually fill my cooler on wheels with ice and sodas on trips. It saves on money. I had purchase a couple of cases of generic sodas (Nola calls them ghetto-colas). Gina took the cooler and proceeded to sell sodas to peope for $1.00 a pop. She sold all the sodas and ended up with $29.00! Hilarious.

We got to Cobb County around 11:00 their time and got into our room at the Cumberland Courtyard Hotel. Gina was at the Lymphedema meeting most of the day Saturday. I pretty much hung around in a frigid cold hotel room (ahhhhh) and soaked in a tub two times that day. I did nothing! Later in the day I picked up Gina from the Renaissance Hotel where the conference took place. She was very excited and was loving every minute of it. We drove over to a Longhorn Steak house and had an incredible meal. Gina had the pork chops and I had an 180z rib eye with sweet potato on the side. It was the best meal I'd had all year.

Sunday rolled around and Gina again too the hotel shuttle back to the Renaissance. I didn't hang around the hotel because I had to pack and check out. I went to the mall. I don't care for malls. I did go to a Guitar Center but didn't buy anything. If I were rich, I would have bought one of two Martin Guitars there. I was hoping to find a new tuner there...the one that clamps to the head of the guitar. They didn't have one. I just killed time for about four hours until Gina got out around 4:30.

Gina and hunting down a Bar-B-Que place that we had eaten at about 12 years ago. It's located on Roswell Road, not too far from where we had been staying. The place is called Williamson Brother's Bar-B-Que and it was just as most excellent as we both remembers. I ate a whole slab of baby-back ribs.

I had a very nice weekend. Gina had to go to the conference but she loves that kind of stuff. I got to relax, spent alone time with my wife, and ate like a king.
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