Saturday, October 27, 2007


i see a big contrast

within the every day

we speak of worship

that part of worship that is music

pointing to the ones that lead

of great talent

and gifting


there are a few

out on the streets

out in the field

doing the very work

that Jesus commanded us

not very glamorous

not elevated

upon the stage

amid the lights

but rather

those out there

in the unsafe places

feeding the hungry

clothing the naked

offering hope to the addicted

visiting those in prison

showing a stranger

the redeemed man standing before them

saying i was blind but now i see


we buy the latest worship cds

read the relevant books

talk about being culturally relevant

speaking all the right words

proclaiming our love for God

yet not do the common things

that love requires

to truly love the least of these

that is how you love Me

that is how you glorify Me

that is how you worship Me

increasing the kingdom

by loving those outside our comfort

going that extra mile

becoming the aroma of Christ

becoming His hands on earth

worship in the deeper

and every day

worship with our every being

outside the walls

in every thing
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