Tuesday, October 16, 2007

excitable boy

The weekend went well. My voice was shredded by Sunday morning. It was all so worth it though. As you probably know, I played at the Coffee Vine Cafe' both Friday and Saturday nights. Saturday night I decided to rearrange the stage and do it in the round. Todd and Lenola showed with their instruments. AJ and Gina manned their D'jembe's and assorted noise makers. Rachael and Cherie joined their voices late in the evening. We had a great sound together. I wish that I had some way of recording these nights. Great moments.

Sunday rolled round and Gina, Katie and I went to Vineyard's morning service. Afterwards, we ventured to Gina's mom to pick up Kelsey who had stayed over night Saturday. We picked up some KFC on the way and stayed for a while. When we got back to the house I pretty much stayed downstairs for the rest of the day and crashed on the couch between laundry loads.

Had a nice day at the office Monday. Gina, Kelsey and I took an early and long lunch. We even hit the Dollar Tree. For you musician's out there with little electronic gadgets that you have to keep batteries going....go get your batteries there. I wait till they have the Sunbeam brand AAA and AA eight (8) packs on sale. Double packs of 9 volts are good to have in your gig bag. No sense spending more for them. I had to change out two 9 volt batteries Saturday night (direct box and my guitar EQ thingy. Jamie "The Pickle" Jones called my cell on my way home. She was letting me know that the Warren Zevon's Bio I'll Sleep When I'm Dead was ready for me to pick up at the RBC Library. I got the chance to get a good start on it when I got home. Katie spent most of the evening doing a poster for science.

I really need to go to the grocery store. I reheated leftovers last night. Both my BBQ meatloaf and Gina's pot roast were not that good the first time around. We ate for the sake of eating something and I dumped the rest of the remains into the trash. I apologized for the meal and promised to go to the store before next meal.

Tonight we are having our monthly Lymphedema Support Group here at the office. Grandmother Hale will be watching over the kids while we are hosting the meeting. We hope to wrap up by 7:00 tonight. Support group meetings are long days but the people that show are sweet folk and most have become good friends. I'm cleaning the office until then and will order PIZZA before they get here.

It looks like we will be expecting some rain this week. That will be nice but I hope we have a moment of unwet so I can go to the drive-in this weekend. It's been a long time and it won't be until Friday afternoon until I know what will be showing. We'll see.
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