Wednesday, September 12, 2007

thinking of Tommy today

Tommy Puckett's mom died yesterday. I've been thinking about his family today. Keep them in your prayers. I dug up a poem that I wrote about Tommy at my old Tripod blog. Thought I'd repost it today.

i found an old friend

in a familiar face

his cup is full

for God and man

an uncommon man

who prays without ceasing

and I know that God listens

and loves each prayer

that is spoken softly


yet always boldly

i perceive him

as a selfless quiet man

who walks each day reflecting

the great grace given

and always returning

darkness fear men like this

one whose sword is ever near

eyes always clear

seeking the kingdom

finding it always

because God loves that heart

his light burning

as well as the conversation

the more i am around my friend Tommy

the more i agree with God

i love this fellow too

David B. Finlayson
January 11, 2006
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