Wednesday, August 29, 2007

truth & consequences

since the beginning

there has always been truth

since the beginning

there has always been consequences

since the beginning

our Father has been dealing with the fall

ever since Adam fell and broke his crown

there has always been consequences

The Son was sent to save us from consequences

truth can not be altered or redefined

truth simply has to be recognized

then dealt with

God himself has never changed the reality of truth

He did not break law to free us

Christ willingly fulfilled the law

paid the price required of man

we each have the freedom to choose

life or death

right or wrong

like Dylan sang

it may be the devil

or it may be the Lord

but you got to serve somebody

if we walk away from from what is true

there are consequences we each face

by choosing God or self

life or death

all choices great and small

have consequences

good or bad

each choice made

accountability is tied
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